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Learn how I FAILED for 4 years trying to launch a successful online business until I learned this one SIMPLE Strategy…

This one simple strategy was the KEY to achieving true financial freedom I had been searching for my entire life (Stick with me here it’s important)…

My name Mike Barnwell and I currently reside here in the beautiful state of Colorado with my beautiful wife and 4 amazing children. I own a successful digital marketing agency that allows me to work from home and gives me the freedom to live life on my terms and I am no longer dependent on anyone anymore!

But life hasn’t always been easy…

My world completely shattered in March of 2013:

In March of 2013, I was trying to start a new online business. I had recently lost my job as a Nuclear Medicine Technologist. I had a wife and 3 children that I wasn’t sure how I was going to support. Then one morning in early march we had a house fire that put me in the hospital for 10 days! I was really sick. The doctors were having trouble figuring out how to get me better and I was completely at rock bottom! The thought that I might not make it out of the hospital crossed my mind multiple times…

I was finally able to crawl my way out of this low point, but before we get into specifics lets rewind a bit…

I graduated from school as a Nuclear Medicine Technologist in 2005. It was a great job at the time with lots of benefits, great hours, and I thought life was awesome! I soon realized that this was a very competitive field with very few job opportunities. In December of 2008 our physician at that time came to me two weeks before Christmas and let me go! I thought I could find something again soon, but soon realized it was going to be much harder!

My wife and I had a son at that time and another one on the way. I was panicking and thought I might have to take some travel positions in order to make ends meet. Jobs in my field soon became obsolete and I had to eventually borrow money from my parents to help keep us afloat. It was definitely a low time in my life.

I finally made the decision to move out to Colorado where my parents were located and soon found a job within a couple months. I was elated that I finally had found a good job again! I worked from 2009 to the end of 2012 with this company. During this time healthcare costs were rising and reimbursements for the heart tests we performed started to decrease and by the end of 2012 the physicians we worked for decided to sell their practice to the hospital that was right next to us.

We all thought we would have jobs with this new hospital, but I soon found out I was the one employee that did not get hired once the practice was absorbed by the hospital. Now lets backtrack for about 6 months…

In June of 2012 I was not happy with my job. I had not received a raise in over 4 years. There was talk of us getting absorbed by the hospital so I decided to take some initiative and start looking for something new. I started playing around on the internet and came across some affiliate marketing and MLM type opportunities. I learned a lot in the next 6 months, but nothing that would have ever supported me and my family at that time.

By November of 2012 the hospital had acquired the practice I had worked at for the last 4 years. I was still at the time trying to figure out certain aspects of marketing and my wife introduced me to guy named Brett that was doing offline marketing utilizing SEO. I met with Brett one day at our local coffee shop and started to pick his brain and wrap my brain around some of the marketing activities he was doing.

I WAS BLOWN AWAY! Brett was creating a massive income providing online ranking results for local clients. He had built a book of business of over six-figures monthly and it was growing. I remember one specific quote from our conversation. He said, “learn one aspect of online marketing whether that be web design, PPC, SEO, ect.. Master that ONE activity and then outsource everything else.” That meeting was so powerful, and I ran with what he said…

In January of 2013 I was able to start building a business through building websites and ranking them. I was even very effective at taking videos and ranking the videos for specific keywords. After showcasing some of my results to Brett he starting sending work my way. I was able to generate close to 5K at that time monthly and I was super excited seeing things finally turning the corner…


In March of 2013 we had a humidifier that caught on fire in the middle of the night in our children’s bedroom. All 3 of them were in the same room that night! Around 3 AM, the fire alarm went off and I could hear my wife screaming from atop the staircase!

She was yelling, “Get up here quick there is a fire!”

I had fallen asleep that night on the couch downstairs, and as soon as I heard her, I bolted upstairs to find the humidifier on the boys dresser had a 3 FOOT flame coming out the top and was close to catching the corner wall on fire!!

I quickly got my wife and children out of the house! I then slide the humidifier on the floor while trying to avoid the flame coming out the top. I ran to the bathroom got a bath towel and threw it on top of the humidifier to put out the fire! The fire was not what was dangerous that night. There was a lot of smoke upstairs. It smelled like plastic in the air and I had inhaled a lot of smoke during this time.

We were all able to get out safely and the Fire Department was able to verify everything was safe but the room was damaged! The floor needed to be replaced. The walls had been charred. The boys mattresses, clothes, bedding, and toys were all ruined! Luckily all that is easy to replace!

Two weeks after the fire I started to develop a cough and that cough started to get worse. I just thought I had a case of bronchitis so I went to the local urgent care to get fixed up. When I went in, my cough was really bad and my oxygen levels were low. I was also running a fever and was super lethargic. The doctor decided to run an x-ray on my chest.

The doctor came back and said, “ You have pneumonia.” I couldn’t believe it! They hooked me up to an IV and gave my some antibiotics. He said I should be fine since I’m young and healthy it just might take 3-4 weeks to get better. He said, “ If you don’t start feeling better soon get yourself over to the hospital!”

Within 24 hours my condition worsened. My oxygen level had dropped to around 86% and normally my oxygen level is around 95%. I was coughing a lot at the time and barely had the energy to stand up. I knew something serious was going on so my wife and I took the kids to my parents, and she drove me to the hospital.

When we got the hospital they ran some tests and verified what I had was pneumonia but my blood test were coming back fine. No increased White Blood Cell (WBC) count to indicate infection, but nonetheless they started pumping me full of very strong antibiotics. They decided to keep me in the hospital over night to watch me.

That first night things deteriorated quickly. My oxygen levels were slowly decreasing. My temperature was getting to the 104-105 mark and only ibuprofen was able to help get my fever down. Doctors had sent some of my blood over to pathogen specialist to see what was going on. The spots in my lungs were spreading and soon they were having to submerge me in ice to control my temperature! My oxygen levels at this time were around 70%. I was getting lung treatments twice a day and they had to give me morphine at night so my lungs could relax enough so that I could breathe on my own. This was by far the worse feeling in my life and I wouldn’t wish what I went through on anyone!

Finally by day 8 they had transferred me to Memorial Hospital where they finally performed a procedure where they took a microscope and inserted it into my lungs to see what was going on. They finally realized that the pneumonia was not caused by a virus or bacteria but by inflammation. They called it pneumonitis and it was cause by the inhalation of the smoke and plastic particles during our house fire!

The doctors finally got me on some strong steroids and this cleared up my lungs within no time!! I was able to breath, my energy had increased, my fever had subsided and I was back to my normally self within 24 hours and finally had an appetite to eat again…

During that 9-day stretch I was just on liquid because I had no appetite. I lost 23 pounds in less than 10 days! I definitely would not recommend that weight loss approach but that was the smallest I had been since high school!!

ON day 10 I was released from the hospital and the recovery was slow because I was still on oxygen and I had been inactive for 10 days. At this point I thought everything was down hill and just needed some time to recover and I would be back doing everything I love! After being back home on Day 2 I started noticing a pain in my calf and soon this pain was getting worse to the point it was hard to walk.

SOO here we go back to the HOSPITAL!!

Since I had been on bed rest for 10 days it was suspect that I had developed a clot in my leg. They scheduled me for an ultrasound and wouldn’t you know it. I have a small clot in my calf area….You have got to be kidding me!! I couldn’t believe it! It seemed like someone had it out for me!

I was released back home with daily shots and clot dissolving pills I had to take for the next month, which helped to break up and dissolve that clot in my leg. I was glad they were able to find something quickly but every set back kept me from working!

So at this point I am trying to recover from everything I had just gone through but I had not worked in over two weeks and NO MONEY was coming in at this point! We were completely broke!! We had been getting donations from our local community, churches, and family members to get us back on our feet!

It was at this low point in my life that I decided that I was going to do whatever it takes to get back on my feet and learn how to create an income online that would allow me to take care of my family and work from home full-time!

The same month I was in the hospital was the exact month I started my online marketing agency. I started connecting with businesses in my community and got hooked back up with Brett who introduced me to some big time players in the online agency world. I was able to start working with other web development companies and AD agencies providing white labeling services for their companies.

By then end of 2013 we were generating close to 5 figures monthly and we were just getting started. In January of 2014 I was able to pick up a huge ad agency in Nevada and we really were making good money. During the next two years our business grew 3 times and we were generating multiple 5-figure earnings per month!

The money was amazing and I was on top of the world, but over the next 3 years I learned a valuable lesson…

You need to have multiple streams of income….

There were a lot of politics working for both web developers and Ad Agencies and by the end of 2016 I parted ways with two of my biggest clients. It was then that I realized I needed to implement a system that would allow me to create an unlimited income stream and one in which the income was dependent on me and no one else.

In March of 2017 I started learning more about affiliate marketing while concentrating on building my agency back up. During this time I realized that I have been leaving a huge chunk of money on that table by not utilizing these same principles for my own business! Utilizing the Affiliate Marketing Model is one of the most effective ways to generate leads for not only myself but for thousands of businesses online! It also allows you to build a list of potential clients for new offers that come to the market every single month!

When I first started in the online world I used to hear that simple phrase. “You need to build a list because the money is in the list!!” Now I’m realizing I should have been doing this all along. Sometimes it takes failures for you to learn from them!

The Moment of Discovery:

I clearly remember the day I discovered it…It was in late February I was checking on some of my new videos I had just uploaded to Youtube and I glanced up on the Youtube feed to find this ad (much like the one you’re reading now). I have purchased about every type of marketing system out there, but when I saw this ad and watched the video it wasn’t hyped.

I have always had a general idea of how affiliate marketing worked and I know individuals that made money doing it I just didn’t how all the pieces fit together until I watched the 2 hour training webinar. I was completely blown away with the material that I stopped watching the webinar and signed up and have not looked back once!

AWOL academy is not a get rich quick scheme or an MLM. It is a true Digital Marketing Lead Generation System that is proven to work time and time again. It is something online marketers have been using for years. I have seen a lot of programs that teach great principles but they don’t teach you the intricate details you need to know in order to be successful long term. This course lays out everything you need to know from creating a custom domain, to creating an email list, to creating ad copy, finding offers, to writing persuasive copy that gets customers to buy!

Utilizing the principles in AWOL has skyrocketed my financial success and if you are truly looking for a mentorship program that will teach you how to build wealth then register now for the FREE webinar to learn more!

I am truly blessed looking back that I never gave up on my dream and that I believed in myself. Sometimes there has to be an internal switch that has to be flipped “ON” in order to rise above the negativity you will encounter creating an online business. I have also found that surrounding yourself with like-minded people and listening and reading books on entrepreneurship creates a positive mindset. I truly believe there are no limitations, and that I have only scratched the surface on what I can accomplish!

I hope you enjoyed my journey and I wish each and every one of you success on your online journey!

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