How to choose the best Denver SEO Consultant.

How to choose the best Denver SEO Consultant

When it comes to optimizing your website for the search engines, you need to achieve the perfect blend of both onsite and offsite SEO. Individually, the two will not impact very heavily on your rankings, seeing as their successes depends on how much effort has been put into each of them. Achieving the right mix of these very necessary flavors of SEO requires substantial SEO knowledge. With the help of a professional Denver SEO consultant, getting to that point is not an inconceivable idea.

Optimizing your website for Onsite SEO

Onsite SEO has everything to do with how you optimize the content within your website. This involves optimizing all the content available on your website—including the titles, tags and website pages—for your targeted keywords. On the subject of keywords, it is imperative that you carry out a proper keyword research in order to arrive at the most appropriate ones. Having a page that has been optimized using the wrong keywords makes them useless since they do not attract their intended audience.

Once you arrive at your perfect keywords, the next step would be to integrate them into every page in your website correctly and to build captivating content around those keywords. It is crucial that you also attach those keywords onto your Meta descriptions, Meta tags, web page URLs and image tags. Once all this has been achieved, the only further optimization that you can perform on your website is the occasional readjustment of the keywords. Onsite SEO is usually considered the “easy part” of optimization.

Optimizing your website for Offsite SEO

Offsite SEO is definitely a bit more complex but just as important as onsite SEO when optimizing your website. It mostly involves generating backlinks to your already optimized website from reputable sites. Search engines will favor your website if other reputable sites link back to your site since they consider this an indicator of quality content. In a nutshell, your content has to be top-notch for respectable sites such as the likes of CNN and The Wall Street Journal to link back to yours.

Despite being a primary source for black-hat SEO tactics, getting reputable sites to link to your site is a very effective way of convincing the search engines that you deserve to be ranked higher. So the important question is, how do you get these respectable websites to link back to you?

The first method is by generating regular press releases concerning matters in your industry. These releases should of course be optimized for your site as well and should have all the relevant links that link back to your pages within the content. You can then distribute these using electronic wire services such as PR Newswire, which will share it with a number of both major and minor news outlets. This will instantly create very respectable backlinks to your site and dramatically improve your offsite SEO.

The other method you can employ is to guest blog. Guest blogging is simply writing content for other blogs within your industry. The only catch once again is that you have to write very compelling content. These sites will help generate a significant number of blog links on your part and provide quality content from professionals on the part of the guest blogs, resulting in a win-win situation.

Denver SEO ConsultantWhy the Two Flavors of SEO are Inseparable

Onsite and offsite SEO work hand in hand to promote your website’s ranking. Having extremely good onsite SEO and poor backlinks to your site will result in less traffic, no matter how good your content is. On the other hand, offsite SEO is somewhat crippled without good onsite SEO. The two are highly interdependent.

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