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More and more workers are increasingly shifting to the online platform in search of income mainly due to the facts that more and more companies are opting to outsource their operations. One of the tasks most often outsourced is marketing.

Owing to the fact that the field of freelance marketing is increasingly becoming saturated with innumerable players, it is necessary that any would-be freelance marketer acquaints himself with some of the top freelance marketing secrets in order to boost his chances of accruing maximum profits.

Below are but a few of those secrets:

Identify and stick to a Suitable Niche

The field of marketing, be it freelance or otherwise, is pretty broad. It is therefore of utmost necessity that a prospective freelance marketer identifies and sticks to a suitable niche/area of specialization. This enables him to stay focused on that particular field and also enhances his overall efficiency as opposed to a situation in which a generalized approached is preferred or opted for.


Create a Database of all the Possible Clientele

It is imperative that the marketer creates a comprehensive listing of all the potential clientele i.e. buyers, resellers, agents, suppliers, and so on. This, in fact, the backbone of the entire field of freelance marketing since it is the database so created that forms the basis upon which all the subsequent transactions are carried out.

Be Very Aggressive

Positive results in any given venture require a lot of aggressiveness. In the field of freelance marketing, this entails maintaining a very strong and robust follow-up on all the past clients. It also means a very relentless pursuit of new/prospective clients through all the relevant media such as e-mails, social media, the internet, e.t.c.

Be Focused

It may not be possible to attain favorable results in case this career is pursued on a part-time basis or as a hobby. For the very best results to be attainable, this career must, therefore, be pursued on a full-time basis. It is only in this way that unnecessary distractions may be avoided while at the same time granting unhindered attention to the core task of freelance marketing.

Engage the Services of a Relevant Coach

In order to gain a competitive edge above the other players, and to also navigate the rough and often difficult terrain of freelance marketing with relative ease, the intervention of a suitable coach is often required. The coach could be a business professional with relevant skills or a company that is dedicated to the provision of such services to its clientele for a fee.

Final Verdict

As may be deduced from the freelance marketing secrets discussed above, the intervention of a suitable coach is absolutely necessary if the hopes of gaining a competitive edge above the other players and to also navigate the rough and often difficult terrain of freelance marketing with relative ease are to be realized.

That’s where we, AWOL Academy comes in. We offer online marketing course that gives freelance marketers and business the tools they need to effectively build a new business or current business to 6 figures business in less than 6 months. We also provide one-on-one coaching that will give you the tools and education you need to have a successful online business.

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